Belgian Marriage Supplements

In a previous post we analyzed a typical marriage record from a town in Flanders. Today we will take a look at marriage supplementary records. They are often overlooked, and indeed, they often repeat information you can find elsewhere, but I am here to show you they can still be worth your while.

Supplementary marriage registers [huwelijksbijlagen in Dutch, Pièces de mariages in French] contain all the extra paperwork bride and groom had to produce in order to get married, such as extracts of vital records, certificates of military service, or birth records for illegitimate children to be recognized by the act of marriage. They can be helpful when you have trouble finding the originals (at least now you have a place, date, and number), are particularly useful as you get closer to the Ancien Régime, and may even contain tidbits of information you will not find anywhere else. Finally, in the few cases where original records have been lost, the extracted information among the marriage supplements may be the only evidence left for a vital event.

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